Responsible Paper Construction

ATID Packaging containers offer a best-in-class recycled resilient paper construction, uniquely designed with a proprietary barrier system that eliminates the need for adhesives or harmful substrates. With superior strength and endless packaging design customizations, print, and finishing options, ATID Packaging allows your brand to outshine the competition while protecting the product inside, maintaining its freshness, and, if needed, with child-resistant tampering.

ATID Biodegradable Paper Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Truly Sustainable

ATID Packaging tubes have a simple paper core construction, a specially formulated polypropylene cap with rapid biodegradability, and an exclusive, environmentally friendly coating to protect your product’s freshness.

Custom Eco-Friendly Paper Packaging

Endlessly Customizable

We direct print onto the tube surface with extensive embellishments and a variety of paper finish options to distinguish your branding and graphic designs for ultimate shelf appeal.

Premium Biodegradable Paper Packaging

Completely Unique

We are changing what’s possible in innovative sustainable packaging. The practicality, form, and function of the 100% biodegradable ATID Packaging collection is unrivaled in the green packaging solution space.

The Future is ATID Packaging Innovation

Ecologically responsible packaging is no longer a nicety—it’s a necessity. With increasing consumer demand for sustainable options, the 100% biodegradable ATID Packaging container is an investment in your market relevance and customer appeal. Be sure your product can stack up and stand out in today’s competitive marketplace with ATID Packaging, the most innovative sustainable packaging! Not only are our products biodegradable, our packaging is child-resistant, odor proof and built to sustain product freshness.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Company

How it Works

Protect your products and the planet with our patented structured paper cartons. The ATID Packaging collection of premium biodegradable containers provides circular housing for a multitude of common product industries such as Nutraceuticals, Health & Beauty, Food & Candy, Cannabis and Pet Care.

The Eco-Conscious, Green Solution

The circular environment created for ATID Packaging represents the products’ circle of life. It’s made with paper materials sourced from trees growing in pristine ecological systems. What came from the earth becomes ATID Packaging and, when disposed of, will return to the earth to nurture our planet. The ATID Packaging product collection is free from harmful environmental impact during production and efficiently composted after use for a green, eco-conscious lifecycle you can feel good about.

Solid Form & Function

Our convenient, easy-to-use, protective airtight sealing topper functions like market-standard plastic pieces but without the harmful environmental impact! It is constructed from a uniquely formulated polypropylene containing an ingenious molecule that causes it to biodegrade rapidly, making it exceptionally environmentally friendly and eco-conscious. Its construction allows you to easily open and close to preserve contents and secure them from child-tampering.

Eco-Sound Innovation

Four layers of sophistication render our recycled paper-based products into climate-friendly jars. Each ecologically sound canister is made with our proprietary construction to maintain product integrity and freshness.

Our Products

ATID Packaging’s premium biodegradable paper tubes are suited for various uses within a multitude of industries and are available in a wide array of sizes including custom options to fit your unique needs.

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