Sustainable Packaging for Cannabis products

Sustainable Packaging for the Cannabis Industry

Biodegradable & Certified Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging That Protects Your Flower, Edibles, and Children.

The go-to material most times for Cannabis product packages ends up being heavily predominant in single-use plastics. Those are the kind of plastics that cannot be recycled and head to a landfill. ATID Packaging offers biodegradable packaging options for the Cannabis industry making sustainability doable for all dispensaries. Our biodegradable cannabis packaging is the perfect fit for cannabis products including flower, edibles, vapes, topicals and more. Choosing this line has a moral angle, but it is also a sound business decision to capture the growing eco-conscious consumer market.

Packaging for the Cannabis Industry

The Future of Cannabis Packaging

Going Green has become popular with most of the largest corporations today. The UN Environment Program notes a “growing number of individual company or collective approaches across companies to reducing Single Use Plastic Packaging.” Investment firms, governmental buying agencies, and even the single consumer are increasingly aligning their purchasing selections with sound environmental practices. Research shows that “87% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues,” as cited by Adam Butler in his article Do Customers Really Care About Your Environmental Impact, in a Forbes New York Business Council post. Younger consumers are even willing to pay more for the environmentally responsible option. 36% of youth surveyed by YPulse said they would pay 10% extra to choose a better-for-the-environment product.

Eco-Friendly Edibles Packaging

Cannabis Packaging Solutions

Get an edge on your competition with Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging, which promotes your unique branding & exceeds all regulatory and compliant requirements.

Due to the nature of cannabis, there are stringent laws governing its marketing and packaging. In addition to the many regulations already in place, a number of states have taken things a step further by placing mandatory requirements on utilizing environmentally sustainable packaging. For example, in NY, a cannabis licensee must ensure that their packaging is made from at least 25% post-consumer waste. With ATID Packaging, you can rest assured knowing that your flower and edibles will remain fresh, secure, and protected while exceeding all cannabis state regulations adding to the appeal of your brand to a much broader demographic.

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Biodegradable Cannabis Packaging

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