Eco-Friendly packaging solutions for any industry seeking to go green!

ATID Packaging serves all industries searching for an innovative, sustainable packaging solution that will reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining product freshness and appealing to the ever-expanding group of consumers in search of brands committed to maintaining the health and vigor of our planet.

Eco-Friendly Beauty Packaging


Biodegradable packaging for moisturizing pearls and beads, bath bombs, solid perfumes, powders, and more.

Perhaps nothing communicates a product’s commitment to the health and beauty of its customers more immediately than the thoughtful design of its sustainably produced packaging. The ATID Packaging collection of biodegradable cosmetics paper tube packaging is an ideal solution for personal care products and cosmetics.

Eco-Friendly Nutraceutical Packaging


Biodegradable packaging for pills, tablets, supplements, vitamin powders, and more.

You invested in the research, development, and production of natural healing products and progressive alternatives to health and wellness. Let that investment be fully realized in an ATID Packaging solution that honors nature with an eco-friendly container. Our biodegradable nutraceutical paper tube packaging is an ideal solution for vitamins, nutraceuticals and supplements.

Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

Food, Candy, & Confections

Biodegradable packaging for teas, spices, candies, chocolates, dried foods, and more.

Elevate the value of your specialty food product with smart functionality and aesthetics in a fully compostable package. With a strong, biodegradable paper construction fashioned without adhesives, you can trust the ATID Packaging collection of biodegradable food paper tube packaging preserve and dispense the full integrity of your edible products.

Eco-Friendly Pet Packaging

Pet Care

Biodegradable packaging for pet supplements, treats, biscuits, chews, and more.

Because pet owners are especially sensitive to issues of environmental preservation, align your company mission with progressive action in a packaging solution that honors the planet. Box your pet care products in ATID Packaging’s biodegradable pet care paper tube packaging that celebrate a commitment to the natural world.

Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging


Biodegradable & Certified Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging That Protects Your Flower, Edibles, and Children.

You’ve invested time and care to produce the best herbal product. Showcase your cannabis products’ stellar qualities with packaging that meets the highest standards. From jars to containers to carts, our biodegradable cannabis paper tube packaging attract consumers to your product.

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