Sustainable Packaging for Food products

Sustainable Packaging for the Food Industry

Biodegradable packaging for teas, spices, candies, chocolates, dried foods, and more.

Elevate the value of your specialty food product with smart functionality and aesthetics in a fully compostable package. With a strong, biodegradable paper construction fashioned without adhesives, you can trust the ATID Packaging collection to preserve and dispense the full integrity of your edible products. Our biodegradable food packaging is an ideal solution for food, candy and confections.

Packaging for the Candy Industry

The Future of Food Packaging

In addition to minimal design aesthetics, clear labeling, and ingredient transparency trends in food packaging, environmental impact is a growing focus driving consumer preferences.

Globally, 85% of people say they have shifted their purchasing behavior to be more sustainable. With even single-use food cutlery now made from plant-based materials, environmentally sustainable, green, and biodegradable food packaging is an absolute must for food companies.

The importance of green packaging is only compounded for health-conscious companies and producers of health foods or responsibly sourced specialty products.

Biodegradable Cannabis Packaging

Food Packaging Solutions

Best-in-class sustainable packaging solutions to serve the unique demands of the specialty foods market.

An appetizing presentation is of the utmost importance in food packaging. At ATID Packaging, we understand the nuanced demands of the food industry. We have developed specialized, environmentally responsible solutions that maintain flavor and freshness while allowing for ease of use in a high-quality aesthetic design. With complex printing and specialty finish options, we ensure your brand’s shelf appeal and visible social responsibility.

Paper Tube Packaging for Food Products




Beef Jerkey

Dried Fruits


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Eco-Friendly Candy Packaging

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