Biodegradable Beauty Packaging

Sustainable Beauty Packaging

Biodegradable Beauty Paper Tube Packaging

Perhaps nothing communicates a product’s commitment to the health and beauty of its customers more immediately than the thoughtful design of its sustainably produced packaging. Our biodegradable beauty and cosmetic tube packaging is an ideal for makeup, moisturizing pearls and beads, bath bombs, solid perfumes, powders, and more.

Biodegradable Beauty and Cosmetics Paper Tubes

Sustainable Slim Beauty Container

Slim Paper Tubes for Beauty Products

Our biodegradable slim tubes are elegant, slim and sophisticated and stands out from the competition. From makeup products to bath beads, this tall-standing, chic paper container adds a priceless layer of social responsibility and charm.

30 Dram Beauty Container

30 Dram Paper Tubes for Beauty Products

Small and compact in size, this fully biodegradable 30 dram container is tamper resistant, odor proof and engineered to protect product quality and freshness. For whatever your beauty product demands, from makeup and powders to body care items, this resilient paper canister is endlessly customizable. This fully sustainable container can be personalized to suit your beauty brand needs and emblazoned with your unique logo in a variety of finishes.

40 Dram Beauty Container

40 Dram Paper Tubes for for Beauty Products

Maintain superior freshness and child tamper resistance with our eco-conscious, sturdy paperboard 40 dram beauty container. A great option for everything from cosmetics to personal care products. The outer layer of this 100% biodegradable carton container absorbs color overlay exceedingly well, creating a striking canvas for your branding and logo needs.

60 Dram Beauty Container

60 Dram Paper Tubes for for Beauty Products

Our tallest and largest capacity 60 dram container is sleek, eco-friendly and made of all biodegradable materials. The carton’s top coat is exceptionally absorbent for brilliant color printing, allowing for color customization and unique logo and design to showcase your brand.

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