The Time for Sustainability in Cannabis Packaging is Now

The Time for Sustainability in Cannabis Packaging is Now

Date: December 21, 2021
By: Goldy Rosenberg

While perception of the Cannabis Industry is that herbal products are always green and eco-conscious, reality is often vastly different especially when it comes to the packaging and cartons of the end product. This can and should change so the next generation inherits an improved environmental bio-sphere. The newly-devised ATID line demonstrates that this goal is achievable.

The Time for Sustainability in Cannabis Packaging is Now

Until now, many involved in the Cannabis Industry found Sustainability an impossible goal for product packaging. “Cannabis companies are required by law to follow strict packaging guidelines,” observes Ethan Lu in a Forbes Business Council post. Those package requirements include warning labels, child-safety seals and purity of product mechanisms. Add to that, each cannabis company’s desire for cartons that can be branded and emblazoned with logos and the end result is often a multi-packaged product with extra trappings.

The go-to material most times for these marijuana product packages ends up being heavily predominant in the single-use plastics. Those are the kind of plastics which cannot be recycled and head to a landfill. Even worse, much of that plastic never makes it to a landfill, tossed carelessly. The Earth Day Organization posits that this is true for a whopping “32% of the 78 million tons of plastic packaging produced annually.” With all that single-use plastic floating around the environment, byproducts of these plastics end up in the water, soil and even in our food chain. 94% of US tap water samples tested by Fredonia’s Department of Geology and Environmental Science, as per Dr. Sherri A. Mason, contained microplastics.

Some companies, therefore, opt for other packaging options, such as glass jars, for cannabis product. However, those jars cannot be recycled due to THC residue. While glass is not as harmful for the environment as the plastic, it still poses a significant garbage disposal issue.

This is why a cannabis packaging solution company decided, “No more excuses. Its time to take action.” It took many months and a heavy investment of capital, but a solution has been found. The ATID line of marijuana packaging products are fully sustainable. These are paper-based packaging options that CAN and DOES meet all the industry’s heavy regulations with no harmful environmental footprint. The entire package is bio-degradable, disintegrating over time and becoming part and parcel of the healthy loam of our country.

Understanding one size does not fit all, the ATID sustainable cannabis packaging line features variety and options for cannabis dispensary choices. The product is also fully customizable, able to be branded and made a part and parcel of a cannabis’ business marketing plan. “We believe consumers are going to overwhelmingly start seeking out cannabis brands that show they understand the seriousness of the current Climate Change Crisis.” said Mark Levovitz, Director of Operations for RXDco, the distributor of the unique ATID line. “We believe using sustainable marijuana packaging is the responsible thing to do. Furthermore, we really believe it will help brand and market your cannabis product as many of your consumers are very vested in environmental justice, and showing you care about their concerns can definitely be a selling point for your product.”

Going Green has become popular with most of the largest corporations today. The UN Environment Program notes that there are a “growing number of individual company or collective approaches across companies to reducing Single Use Plastic Packaging.” Investment firms, governmental buying agencies, and even the single consumer are increasingly aligning their purchasing selections with sound environmental practices. Research shows that “87% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues,” as cited by Adam Butler, for his article Do Customers Really Care About Your Environmental Impact, in a Forbes New York Business Council post. Younger consumers are even willing to pay more for the environmentally responsible option. 36% of youth surveyed by YPulse said they would pay 10% extra to choose a better-for-the-environment product.

With the new ATID sustainable bio-degradable packaging options for the Cannabis Industry, sustainability is now doable for all dispensaries. Choosing this line has a moral angle, but it is also sound business decision to capture the growing eco-conscious consumer market. A cleaner environment, more business for your brand, sounds like the ATID line has much to offer your cannabis business.