Sustainable 40 Dram Cannabis Container

Biodegradable 40 Dram Cannabis Containers

40 Dram Packaging for Cannabis Products

Maintain superior freshness with our eco-friendly, child-resistant, sturdy paperboard 40 Dram cannabis container. The outer layer of this 100% biodegradable carton container absorbs color overlay exceedingly well, creating a striking canvas for your cannabis branding and logo needs.

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ATID Eco-Friendly Cannabis Containers

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Truly Sustainable

ATID Packaging tubes have simple paper cores capped with paper disks, coated with a specially formulated barrier system that is kind to the environment while keeping products fresh.

Customizable Cannabis Packaging

Endlessly Customizable

We print your designs and branding directly onto the tube surface with extensive embellishment and paper finish options to add serious shelf appeal to your products.

Custom Cannabis Containers

Completely Unique

There is nothing that comes close to ATID Packaging in terms of practicality, form, function and sustainability currently available on the market.

40 Dram Cannabis Container Highlights

Paper-Based Biodegradable 40 Dram Cannabis Packaging Solutions

Sleek, stylish cannabis flower pop top container

Quality safe Product: meets or exceeds all regulatory standards

Locally sourced and produced: Made in the USA

Environmentally conscious, fully biodegradable container

Pop top keeps product fresh and is smell proof

Endless color options with personalized branding for marketing

Biodegradable Cannabis Containers
Biodegradable Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging

Child-Resistant Packaging for Cannabis Products

ATID Packaging offers a wide range of customizable child-resistant packaging solutions for cannabis products. Our child-resistant tube packaging prioritizes both protection of cannabis products and environmental sustainability, while maintaining child safety. Our CR packaging is specifically engineered to minimize the chance of children coming into contact with potentially hazardous substances. Not only are our containers tamper proof, they are also odor proof and built to sustain product freshness.

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